Post-Party Recap

Photos by Alice Chin of

Thanks, everyone, for coming to our Awesome Holiday Extravaganza! Thanks especially to the lovely Six Six Sick Girls for dropping some major tunage (White Town’s “Your Woman”—yes please!), Cutey McCuterson Francesca for getting everyone lit up on three-buck chuck, Jessica Goldfond for doin’ what she do, and the L:C staff for staying sober enough to sell stuff.

Now. Everyone that didn’t attend. What is wrong with you? Do you hate fun? Do you hate free booze? Or maybe you hate discounts? Whatever it is, you cut us to the quick. In retaliation, we’d like you to see what you missed in Taisa’s Amahzing Blog’s recap and Alice’s Runway Passport’s write-up. (Thanks, Taisa and Alice!)

We’re planning another party for Febsies, too, y’all. An Anti-Valentine’s Day Party, of sorts. We’re hoping for pink champagne because pink champagne makes us feel fancy. Keep reading the blog, following us on Twitter, and stalking us on Facebook for more info down the line. Love your faces. Even the faces of those that didn’t attend.

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