Three Mens Tops I Want Right Meow

Above are three mens pieces that I would steal from the store if I didn’t have an over-active conscience, and if it wasn’t Meyer’s and my business, and if we didn’t have a schmancy security system that culminates in the the tackling of a perp by a feral guard dog with titanium incisors. They are as follows:

1. Lifetime Collective’s marunouchi plaid buttondown hoodie. Very Kurt Cobain, if Kurt Cobain were a bit sunnier and into sane chicks. So not very Kurt Cobain, but a cool shirt, nonetheless.

2. Converse by John Varvatos’s popover hoodie, which is one of the most comfortable pieces in the whole joint.

3. Idol Radec’s Byron flannel shirt. This guy features really subtle shifts in hue from cobalt to indigo and has the neatest contrasting interior, which means it looks dope when you roll up the sleeves. For me, that’s always. I don’t like anything around my wrists unless it’s shiny gold or silver, is why.

These three tops are super wearable and universal. Any guy in your life is sure to love them. …Unless he’s not awesome. Then he might not dig them.

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