Au Revoir, Madeleine

Guys? Yesterday was Madeleine’s last day. We’re real, real sad-like. And we’ve known about for a while now and we haven’t been able to talk about it. Here’s an actual e-mail conversation that happened about two weeks ago, between me and Meyer:

RYAN: Is Maddy working with you right now? You tell her that we’re not speaking, her and I. You tell her that if she sees me on the street she better turn around and walk the other way.

MEYER: what did she do to you??  she’s worried

RYAN: She quit, is why. She left us for another job. She’s probably been seeing this other job on the low for months now, making us look like fools all around town. And there were clues; I don’t know how I didn’t see them before. The stink of another office on her breath. Another job’s pen ink on her shirt. I dunno, I guess I just didn’t WANT to see it?

MEYER: you should put that on the blog.


We’re all shook up that sweet Maddy is leaving us, but we’re stoked that she’s designing so many shoes that she doesn’t have time for us anymore. And whether she knows it or not, she’s not quitting modeling and covering our asses when we’re in panic mode.

Thanks tons and tons, Matso, for EVERYTHING you’ve done for us and for Life:Curated. We love you very much.

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