Cee Lo’s “The Lady Killer” Dropped Yesterday

It’s no secret that we at L:C are obsessed with Cee Lo. You need only to shop with us after 6pm on days when Lo (L:C Lo, not Cee Lo) and I are working to know that we’re butt-crazy in love with his music. We play F**k You on a loop. We dance around to I’ll Be Around… mostly the rolling dice move, but also an occasional tootsie roll. We watch the video for Paul Epworth’s mix of No One’s Gonna Love You on a repeater. And yeah, sure, part of that is because the couple is reeeaaally hot and it makes our private bits beep, but mostly it’s because the song is rad.

Anyway, the rest of the album doesn’t disappoint. I’m not going to spend a ton of time reviewing it cuz there’s not a lot to say except y’all better get used to hearing this album, as I’m not sure I’m ever listening to anything else ever again. Check out especially Bodies and Love Gun featuring Lauren Bennet (link above).

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