Cam Was Here

Campbell broke up with us. He so did. Just like that. And he totally fed us that it’s-not-you-it’s-me line. Something about a new job that’s in his field or good for his career or turning tricks or something—I can’t remember exactly what he said. And then we countered with, “Well you can kiss your store discount goodbye!” And then he said some hurtful things, and we yelled some things that we didn’t mean, or if we did mean them, they were things we wouldn’t have said if we were sober or hadn’t been under extreme duress. Stuff got messy, and the police came. Long story short, no charges were filed and we bro-hugged it out and we’re good now.

Point is, Cam doesn’t work at L:C anymore, and we just wanted to take a quick moment to say thanks for everything and that we’re stoked for you, buddy.

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