Vegans Are Cool, Even If I Don’t Totally Understand Them

So, neither Meyer nor I personally have any issues with fur or skulls or animal bits in either fashion or interiors. But I understand a lot of you do. Like Natalie Portman. Natalie Portman would probably have a huge issue with the fact that our dressing room hooks are real deerhooves. Doesn’t bother me. I’m also quite fond of steak and leather and especially animal skin rugs. HOWEVER. Bethenny Frankel and Pam Anderson and the rest of the PETA crew might not be so keen on the idea. And so, it is for the love of Natalie, Bethenny and Pam that L:C offers a myriad of faux taxidermy possibilities. Like Beetle and Flor’s porcelain and gold leaf skull, pictured above. And like our alabaster stag heads, available in two sizes. And like our porcelain ram and gazelle mounts. And like our glorious faux crowned crane. And like our wooden bear head, below. And on and on and on. So the point is, even if you vegetarians confuse the hell out of us meat-lovin’ midwesterners, we still love your guts and want your home to be stylish. This way, you get the look without the guilt.

Hey, Portman, could you earmuff it for me for a minute? Thanks. Meatlovers: we’ve got a bomb-ass elkhoof lamp that we’re going to bust out in a couple of weeks. It’s from Brimfield and is awesome. You have no idea. Get ready.

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