Prospect Park Is Friggin’ COLD at 8am!

I dunno what you did this morning, but this guy spent the wee hours drinking champagne, playing with axes and peeing in Prospect Park. See, Meyer and I enlisted our homeboy, Jacob Pritchard to photograph the lovely Madeleine and her handsome husband, Anton for our holiday photoshoot.

Pritch and I woke up mad early to get to the park to scout locations. I mean, we were up so early that I mistook the running faucet (the one I had literally just turned on) for early morning rain and cursed out my window. Then I realized that I was being nutso, of course, and got real embarrassed that sweet Boo Radley had to hear my foul mouth. Anyway, Jake and I were at the park by 7:30, and Meyer, Matso and Anton weren’t far behind.

We shot three looks with Anton and Maddy before Anton, who was a total trooper, had to jet to work at 11:30. We sweet talked Maddy into staying and doing one more shot, and I’m sure she’s sorry she agreed because we had the poor thing posing in the leaves, wearing a chiffon tank dress. I mean, we’re not totally cruel—we threw the chick a blanket between shots.

Highlights from the shoot included drinking a bottle of champagne before 11am, chopping shit up with an old ax, Pritch falling out of a tree, and Jake and I getting lost in the park woods for about ten minutes.

Check out some behind the scenes shots that Meyer snapped on her lil digital camera, below. And stay tuned for Jake’s photos, which will be unveiled in the near future. As will our website. (That’s right! We’re getting rid our placeholder animation in favor of a fully-realized site. What now. What’re you gonna do when we’re totally legit??)

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