Les Concerts a Emporter

Sometimes I forget how much the interweb rules and that my day would be a lot longer without it. For example, I take for granted La Blogotheque’s Concerts a Emporter. I just assume that everyone takes breaks from their mind-numbingly long workdays to catch up on those frenchfaces’ latest Take Away Show, but it occurs to me that that might not be the case. But you should take breaks cuz staring at the monitor for extended periods of time is bad for your eyes (actually, I guess you technically have to look at the monitor to watch the Concerts, too, so let’s pretend I didn’t say that) …cuz music is cool.

Les Concerts a Emporter are mini lil music videos shot spur of the moment in Paris, New York or LA, I believe. Maybe there are other places, too, but I can’t remember right now. Actually, here, I’ll walk you through it…

  1. Navigate here. (Here’s a pro move: Click “Tous les concerts a emporter.” That means “ALL the take away shows” in French, in case you didn’t know. Also, “zut!” means “dang, aw crap,” and “maird” is a swear.)
  2. Click on the most intriguing artist. We’ll go with Piers Faccini and Camille for the sake of—well, for the sake of whatever. Really, it’s because I’m sleepy and in a Nick Drake-y kind of place today, and I know that they cover One of These Things First.
  3. Press play, watch and swoon.
  4. Comment and say “thanks.”
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