Hi, Mary Ellen! (An Outfit of the Day)

Liz’s mom, Mary Ellen is intown until Wednesday. (Whoa, I just remembered that I had a dream last night, and they were both in it. I went to introduce Mary Ellen to one of our friends, and before I could say her name she cut me off and introduced herself as Claire. What the hell does that mean, do you think?) Anyway, we went to Cadaques for drinks last night, Liz, Mary E, Jake (our friend and awesome photographer) and myself. Cadaques is that awesome tapas restaurant next door to L:C, and is owned by two hilarious French guys, Alex and Mathieu. (Maybe it’s Matthew, but I always picture it to be spelled Mathieu.) Anyway, Cadaques is also the façade behind Liz in this picture.

Liz wasn’t wearing this outfit last night, but she probably should’ve been. Underligne’s little black dress belted by 49 Square Miles’s double-wrap belt. Kelly Bergin’s hot green jacket. 80%20 toggle boots. And you can’t really see it in this pic, but she’s got a purse by one of our fave handbag labels, Collina Strada. This purse is extra cool because it doubles as a fur muff, which keeps your hands warm and allows me to use the word “muff.”

Hi, Mary Ellen! Love you!

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