Outfit(s) of the Day, Halloween Edition

Lookit how chilly! So these aren’t our Halloween costumes; they’re just our regular clothes. BUT they are black, and I’m sporting a wolf shirt and a hatchet necklace and Lo is wearing boy clothes (again), so it’s kind of like we’re in costume. Kind of. In reality, Lo was Waldo, and I was Zack Morris. (Pictures tk, maybe.)

Lo’s wearing: Yoana Baraschi’s cashmere scarf, Elizabth Knight’s bark necklace (waaay up there on our Must Have Jewelry List, if such a list existed), Buckler’s cashmere scoopneck sweater and their droopy boiled wool pants.

I’ve got on: Mary Meyer’s printed scarf, Ransoun’s hatchet necklace, Obesity and Speed’s printed wolf sweatshirt, St Augustine Academy’s Teenage Riot jean and Osborn’s Mystic Boot (in a size 43, in case you were wondering).

So, yeah. Okay.

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2 Responses to Outfit(s) of the Day, Halloween Edition

  1. Bram says:

    How come Lo looks better in Buckler than I do?????

  2. The Meyer says:

    Better watch out for your job! She may become the next Buckler spokesmodel!

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