Double, Double, Toil and Trouble: We’ve Got Cavaties for L:C’s Menswear

Today, for store-Halloween, we’re seeing double. And it has nothing to do with last night’s pre-all Hallows shenanigans. At this very moment, Ryan and I are each other… or maybe twins is a better way of saying it? Not only bec we know a secret dry shampoo cocktail that makes a hairstyle last for days. And not only because if the Aloe Blacc Pandora station were crack, we’d both be signing up for Promises. And not only because we abso love anything that croons out of Cee-Lo’s mouth. (6 o’clock dance party anyone??) And not only bec of the unfortunate fate of our iPhones’ cracked faces.

Not for only these reasons, but mostly because we’re wearing the exact same outfit—Buckler’s drop-crotch jean and cashmere scoop-neck sweater.

My first experience with Buckler was a hazy one. Grabbing the men’s drop-crotch (even though that word makes her cringe a little) jeans on a whim for a staff model shot, I found myelf not wanting to take them off. After that, it was merely a sleighride to Cashmere and an obsession with the men’s charcoal scoop-neck sweater. Get here before I steal all your boyfriend’s potential clothes and start macking on your duds.

Oh yeah, Dru’s here, too. He’s dressed as our bastard older stepbrother (or so Ry and I have deemed him). You should come talk to him about his Dru-Pac Shakur get-up for laters.

Like a kid in a couture Halloween candy super store, get your amuck amuck amuck on. Can you feel what’s coming? The second Halloween song for the day…

There’s the spirit.

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