Liz Is Looking Very Shane Today

I warned y’all that Liz was about to get a lot of blog play. Here’s her Outfit of the (Fri)Day. Liz is looking damn fine in this pic, and I’m loving the outfit. That said, this is a bit of a schizophrenic look. And I mean that in the best way possible. Let me explain.

First off, I can’t really decide how to categorize this except to say it’s Shanesque. Like Shane from The L Word. Which is to say, a bit lezzy, a bit rockstar and a bit slouchy. But all sexy. Seriously, if Liz was a witch, the house that fell on her was a sexy house.

Piece-by-piece breakdown:
Same DLC multi-chain necklace as yesterday. A men’s Buckler cashmere scoopneck sweater, which is soft as a bunny’s bottom. The vest is washed leather by Society For Rational Dress, and I love it BIG time. (You may recognize it from Meyer’s store opening outfit.) On the bottom, we’ve got Ever’s boyfriend jean, which is good stuff. And finally, 80%20 wool flannel toggle boots with a hidden wedge. Gotta get that height where you can, right?

You’re looking very Shane today, Elizabeth. And we’re feeling it.

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