A Horse (Pillow) of a Different Color

This horse pillow is mad cool. Lookit how tired that horse looks! And I’ll tell you why: This is not that horse’s first rodeo. Look into those eyes. Those knowing eyes. That horse knows you. Sees you. Feels you. Kind of like Gwyneth Paltrow’s GOOP blog. And really, isn’t that we all want— something that understands us and accepts us for exactly who we are? Something that we can rest our head on at the end of a long day? That’s totally what you want, and if you deny it, well, you’re going to live the rest of your life alone. But that’s not this horse’s fault. And frankly, you’ve got to straighten your issues out because by the time you realize that you loved this horse, that this was the horse for you? Someone else might have come along and bought it. Cuz this horse can’t wait forever. This horse can’t wait in vain for your love. No, it don’t wanna, it don’t wanna, it don’t wanna wait in vain. So get over yourself and buy the damn pillow already.

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One Response to A Horse (Pillow) of a Different Color

  1. Some thing said here are very untrue but i get the point

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