Liz Is the Cutest

Check out Lizzy. I love this chick. Lookit how cute. So cute. So stylish. And she’s pretty hysterical, too. I could tell you a story about Liz and my old dog, Merlin that would have you rolling on the floor. I won’t, though, because Liz would tooootally kick my ass. But trust me when I say it’s a highlaaaaarious story. Also, one time I tricked her into drinking spoiled milk, and that was the funniest ish I’ve seen in my entire life.

Anyway, here’s her Outfit of the Day. But wait! We photographed like, four different looks, so get used to seeing Liz on the blog cuz she’ll be around for the next couple of days.

First off, Liz is sitting on one of our chairs that we picked up in Brimfield. It’s one of a set of two, and is covered in white linen with a dark wood frame. Chilling on the back is an awesome throw by Creative Women, and on the seat is a beautiful pillow that just arrived, by Paper Mansion.

Back to the clothes and accessories, though. We’ll start from the top and work our way down. Really inexpensive sunglasses that are cheap enough that it won’t matter when you get wasted two weeks from now and leave them behind at the bar. Necklace by Dirty Librarian Chains. (Love that name.) Red chiffon pocket tee by Kelly Bergin. (LOVE girls in red.) Gear bracelets available in three metals, by Low Luv. Awesome chevron clutch by Kim White, pictured here in black but also available in two additional colors. Textured skirt by Lorick.

Lookin’ bangin’, Liz. Thanks for bringing your A-game today. Take ten extra dollars out of the cash drawer. Don’t really, though.

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One Response to Liz Is the Cutest

  1. Lydia says:

    Total Glam… but of course!

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