Reupholstered Chairs Are the Coolest.

Check out this reupholstered chair. Meyer and I schlepped to Brimfield over this summer and bought a buttload of vintage Danish chairs with the intent of upcycling them with fancy fabrics and turning them into a sweet place to park your tush. Reupholstered chairs are effing rad, and let me tell you why.

Reason 1: They’re green and shit. Happy planet = happy buttocks. I’m not exactly sure why this is true, but don’t question me. Just roll with it.
Reason 2: They’ve got all sorts of backstory. Imagine all the asses that’ve rested themselves in a vintage chair! I mean, don’t think about it too long cuz then it starts to get weird. And also, don’t fret over it, either, cuz that’s why the thorough cleaning and reupholstery.
Reason 3: Awesome fresh fabrics. This particular one is a sassy red burnout ikat pattern. We’ve also got a yellow version with a similar feel, but slightly different pattern. Oh! And there’s an Aztec-y kind of pattern, too, in softer colors.
Reason 4: No two are exactly alike! Gotta love a one-of-a-kind. The unique knicks and scratches give these bad boys lots of character. We have ten of these reupholstered chairs total, and three different body styles, which brings me to…
Reason 5: Customizable! We’ll put any of the three fabrics on any of the three body styles for you, at no additional charge.

I think five reasons are good enough, right? They’re really good reasons, so yeah, that’s enough.

Like you lots. Later, holmes.

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