Meet Dru (With a U)

Grainy pic time! Dru’s the last staff member for you to meet. I’m a bit sad that this category is over. I mean, not because I’ll miss these posts, but because now I’ll have to think of something else to put up on the blog. Awesome. Thanks a lot, Dru. Well, maybe we’ll just start introducing you to our friends. Would that be interesting? I dunno, whatever. I’ll work something out. Anyway, Dru’s got awesome style and great taste in sneaks. He’s working Saturday with me and Lo. That’s a good cru, y’all. (Did you note the U? That’s for you, Dru.)

Other than working at Life:Curated I… manage an awesome bar called DUCKDUCK at Montrose and Graham. Come by and try one of my signature cocktails—they’re delicious! In addition I play drums for a few groups around town, most notably: J-Direct, Outabodies and the Experience, Mozel Tov Cocktail, and Sandbag and Grab.

Local hangouts: I’m at my spot DUCKDUCK four to five times a week due to work or just its pure awesomeness. Other than that, I’ll usually end up at The Commodore or Bushwick Country Club. And Sundays you can usually catch me at Mullholland’s, cheering on my Indianapolis Colts.

Favorite item currently in the store: I dig most things from the Buckler collection, especially the new coated canvas and shearling parka.  It’s pretty g-code if you ask me. And the printed YMC crewneck sweatshirt. And most of the Varvatos for Converse brand. Oh, and the Elizabeth Knight Jewelry. I mean, everything in here is pretty dope, but these are the dopest of the dope.

Fashion-related item I can’t live without: I am a bit of a shoe fiend. I’ve got over 100 pairs of sneakers and have recently started breaking in my boot game pretty decent. It’s a slippery slope, kids. Be careful. It starts off as innocent as browsing the Eastbay catalog in the fifth grade, then next thing you know you’re deciding between the new Air Max or food for the week.

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