Lo’s Outfit of the Day

Lo’s outfit of the day, October 15, 2010. Or really, if I’m being honest with myself, this was Lo’s outfit on something closer to like, October 7. I’ve been keeping this bad boy in my back pocket for the appropriate time, and now’s that time.

Lo’s covering her rockin’ bod with Left Coast by Dolan’s longsleeve tuck tee and Buckler’s drop-crotch jean. She’s accessorized—cuz, girl, you know Lo loves her some accessories—with an oxidized silver mink jaw necklace by Elizabeth Knight and a leather bow ring from Timo Weiland’s collaboration with Bing Bang.

Lookit how much fun she’s having in this outfit. “Oh my god, these are boys pants and yet they look so gooooood on me!” or maybe “Hahahaha, I look so darn cute in this tee—but whoops, there goes my left shoulder! Oh well. And strike a pose! Hit your mark! Work it. Own it. Live it.”

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