Why I Think “Mired in the Bayou” and the 99% Gallery Are Tops, by Ryan Thomann

I am going to write this post like a book report.

I like books, and I like art. And I like the 99% Gallery. I don’t like oil spills.

My friend, Mikal owns an art gallery. That gallery is called the 99% Gallery. It is totally awesome and could kick your gallery’s ass. The 99% Gallery is located at 99 North 10th Street. On this Friday night, the 99% Gallery and Inhabitat will present a show that is called “Mired in the Bayou.” It is a show that is about the BP oil spill and why that is bad. And also the people in Alabama that it affects. There will be photography, sound installation and sculptures. It is also my roommate’s birthday. My roommate‘s name is Rebecca, and she is turning 28. She works for Inhabitat, who is co-curating the show, I think. I was at the gallery yesterday when they were installing it, and it looks awesome. You should come. I will see you there. It is from 7pm to 10pm. Here is the video trailer. And here is my bibliography. The end.

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