Meet Cam

Meet the Staff time. Only dudes left now. Somedude’s gotta go first. Campbell’s that dude.

Now, the question that begs to be asked is, “Cam, what’s your favorite beverage?” And if Cam answered anything other than passionfruit coconut water, well, then that man would be lying. Cam takes down passionfruit coconut water like… I dunno, your average white guy in Williamsburg, I guess? But we spared him that question. Here are the questions we actually asked…

What do you do besides work at the store?
Freelance film editing and DVD authoring.

Your favorite item in store is…?
Chuckin Slim John Varvatos Converse Jeans, cause my ass looks good in them. Yours might too! Drop by and try on all the different fabrications we have.

Fav movie or TV show?
I can’t have a monogamous relationship with one film; there are just too many hot ones, and I want to sleep with them all. As for television, everyone knows that The X-Files was the best hour-long TV drama they’ve ever laid. But like all long term telecinematic relationships, the first 4-6 seasons were dynamite, with the last three miserably stretching out into a messy divorce.

Fav neighborhood hangout?
Late-late at Duck Duck is usually a great time had by all, especially when supervised by Dru Green.

[End Cam. Start me.] …Ironically, Dru is the next Meet the Staff post. Funny how that works, eh? Nice segue, Cam. Nice segue.

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