Steal This Look, Fellas: TRIBAL

Two more spreads from our lookbook, kiddos. This is from our technicolor tribal-inspired grouping.

At top, Ben’s wearing Buckler’s boiled wool drop-crotch pant, which I love. I’m super stoked for it to be cold so I can wear these bad boys. They’d be mad good camping pants too, I think. (Is that a thing—camping pants?)

In the bottom spread, at left, we’ve got prints by Sarah Stern (among Lo’s faves), greeting cards by Gold Tooth and Hammerpress, and Suki Cheema’s embellished pillows. On the right, Ben’s wearing Lifetime Collective’s super affordable Highwater tee and Domestic Construction’s tooth necklace. (Yes, Domestic Construction also does a small product line!)

Steal this look. Well, okay, don’t actually steal it. Come in and pay for it. That’s the right thing to do.

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