Lo Likes Her Shoes Like She Likes Her Boys, A Meet the Staff Post

It’s Lo Time, y’all! And? I’m not convinced you’re really ready for this jelly, but here we go…

What is one fashion-related item you can’t live without?
I’m a shoe girl. I distinctly remember my first pair of heels. They were 1” white patent leather first communion heels, and I’m pretty sure I sold my soul that day, no pun intended. Years later, I broke in my first (and only) credit card with a pair of McQueen’s. Unfortunately, I like my shoes like I like my boys; really tall and generally a pain in the ass.

I also always have a Mary Poppins-style bag full of crap. At print date, said bag contains the following: plastic flatwear, sillyband rings, bandaids, Emergen-C, bobby-pins, no less than two highlighters, my iPod charger, a vast selection of lipglosses, an avocado, two AMNY crosswords, and enough receipts to wallpaper my bathroom.

What’s your day job?
I’m in the film/tv/theatre industry. Currently, I’m working on a show that requires me to wear head-to-toe black, so I have no less than two ensemble changes/day and relish in anything that doesn’t mandate a sports bra. Between shows, I part-time/vacation nanny for a set of twin six-year-olds I’ve been with over four years. Between the store, the show and the kids, I require lots of costume changes. Anything that goes day-to-night or can be transformed with a shoe swap, I’m game. I love things that are multi-purposeful. (Word? Meh.)

What are your favorite things in the store right now?
I find myself wandering over to the men’s section more and more. I love pairing masculine and girly. I’ve been eyeing those Buckler drop-crotch pants for a while now. In women’s, the Hackley sweatshirt blazer and LnA striped top that I rarely take off. I’m a big fan of our bow necklace from Trisksaidekaphobia and anything All For The Mountain.

Favorite neighborhood hangout?
It’s going to end up turning into Iona, but mainly because it’s terribly convenient and also to get my game on in the backyard. That’s ping-pong, pervs.

What do you do on weekends?
When’s that? My schedule is usually so sporadic that normally I don’t know what day it is. Having said this, let it be known that I’ve never been domestic. My friends’ boasts of freshly-painted walls and arduous trips to Ikea have always fallen on deaf ears. I’ve forever abided by the theory that as long as there’s room for my crap, I’ll loft my bed to the ceiling and call it a night. However, this summer I moved into a new apartment and within a week found myself deep within the bowels of Bed Bath & (way too far) Beyond. If you leave with a shower-head that you somehow convince yourself can also make julienne fries, then you should probably stick to your neighborhood bodega for that light-bulb you went in search of in the first place. L:C introduced me to Suki Cheema and tomorrow when I go into work I’m buying one of Sarah Stern’s prints for my bedroom.  I never thought that Martha Stewart would keep me up at night like this.

If we hit shuffle on your iPod we could find..
A bi-polar selection of musical theatre (I said it), Jenny Lewis—w/ The Watson Twins, the Rilo Kiley crew, or Johnny—Otis Redding, Metric, The Cure, Carole King,  Florence + the Machine and lots of classic rock. My dad would drive me to kindergarten listening to Led Zeppelin and Salt N’ Pepa. My preschool called my parents to inquire why amidst answers of “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” and “Baby Beluga”, I had answered “Material Girl” as a favorite song.

Hey, isn’t it time we got to know the boys….

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