ReBaroque: Up-cycling the Art of Sound, What!

So yesterday I promised a His version of the “I’m Only Happy When It Rains” post. But it’s not raining today, which is good because I’m super stoked to report the launch of artists Rebecca Paul and Mikal Hameed’s new project, ReBaroque. And not just because they’re friends of ours, either.

Check this out: ReBaroque has produced a product that redefines how you experience music in your home. Rebaroque’s up-cycled sound frames—damn, that has a ring to it—are made from found wood, reclaimed vintage frames and remnant pieces of fabric.  These eco-friendly sound frames plug into your smart device (fancy talk for iPod, iPhone, etc.) to broadcast your favorite jams in an unprecedented and ca-lassy way.

Seriously, y’all, I have this blue bad boy that we’ve affectionately been referring to as “The Cadillac” in my apartment right now, and am loving it. In fact, I’m’a have to ask Mikal (aka M11X) to tailor a playlist specifically for The Caddy because the endless stream of awesomely bad 90s music I keep pumping just seems inappropriate for such a work of art.

Anyway, we’re so proud of Rebecca and Mikal, and are totes stoked to listen to Michael Bolton, I mean, CeeLo Green on our very own sound frame.

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