I’m Only Happy When It Rains, Lady Edition

Rain sucks. It so does. Rain is only cool if you’re holed up in your apartment with your lover and a DVD box set of your favorite TV show. I recommend The Wire or The Wonder Years, if they would ever release the damn thing on DVD. Seriously, Kevin Arnold so totally shaped my fashion sense, and Winnie Cooper is kind of my template for perfection… except not anymore cuz that would be weird. Well, I guess she is kind of hot still, and she is all into math now so she could totally balance my checkbook, which is also hot.

I got a little off topic there, but my point was going to be that the fact that I have no good rainy day clothes exacerbates my ill feelings toward precipitation.

Check our own Maddy out in the above pic. She’s rockin’ Lily & Jae’s hooded trench (adorbs), a sexy VPL tank (ye-yah) and Ever’s boyfriend jean, which is my favorite jean we’re showing this fall for women. Steppin’ out in the rain is a lot easier when you’re feelin’ your outfit, and we’re defs feelin’ this on a rainy day.

Come on in, dry off and put together a rainy day outfit of your own. Or just steal Maddy’s. It’s available now at life:curated. And check back tomorrow to see our tips on keeping the fellas dry, too.

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