It’s Nice to Meet You, Elizabeth. (A Meet the Staff Post, Dur)

Everyone, say hello to Elizabeth. You already know that Liz designs Elizabeth Knight, a wicked line of jewelry available at life:curated, and that she’s been my bestie for over ten years now. But here’s some stuff you may not know…

How long have you been in Brooklyn? Until last year when I moved to Manhattan, Ryan and I had lived throughout Brooklyn for four years, from Prospect Heights to Williamsburg to Greenpoint. Although I am in the city now, my heart will always be on the other side of the bridge.
What’s your day job? I hang out in the lab (aka FluxWork Studio), filling orders and designing a new collection for my jewelry line Elizabeth Knight.
What’s your favorite thing to do on the weekends and where do you do it? My weekends aren’t too different than my weekdays. I’m either in the store or in the studio… or a backyard in Greenpoint. But I have to say that, when it happens, a nice weekend treat is going out to brunch with the crew.
What’s in your closet that you can’t live without? A pair of beloved jeans that I will never fit in again… Wow, that’s the first time I’ve admitted that.
Whatcha looking forward to this fall? I am determined to go camping. I love driving upstate in October—picking apples, drinking pumpkin beer. I love sitting by the fire making smores and drinking Jameson to stay warm.
What’s your current jam? The new Arcade Fire album.
Aaaand the last book you read? 100 Years of Solitude by Gabriel Gacia Marquez.
If you could get out of town, anywhere, where’d you go? I really want to go on a road trip through New Zealand.
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One Response to It’s Nice to Meet You, Elizabeth. (A Meet the Staff Post, Dur)

  1. Ditto on the fall answer!

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