Aloe Blacc’s “Good Things” Is Indeed a Good Thing

Okay, this blog is getting a bit stale, so I’m about to ask our salespeople write posts in their downtime. That is, right after Tanveer teaches me how to give everyone their own username so it doesn’t look like I post the stuff they post, even though up until now I’ve posted everything, except for Meyer’s MEET THE STAFF post, which was all her…and also adorable. So she’ll start posting more after Coterie and D&A and whatnot. And then Maddy. And then Liz. And then Campbell or Dru or Lo or whoever. That’s what’s called diversifying. I think.

Anyway, we’re going to start reviewing shit, too—music, books, restaurants, movies, what have you. And first up is Aloe Blacc’s new album Good Things. You may know Aloe as the voice of the How to Make It in America credits. I myself don’t watch that show, as I’ve got a full TV schedule, especially now that Dexter and Glee and Cougar Town (yes, Cougar Town) and Modern Family are all coming back on. But even though I don’t watch HtMIiA, I know the theme song is good. That’s how good it is.

Say “good” again.


Anyway, Aloe Blacc’s Good Things is what you would get if you rubbed Sharon Jones real hard against John Legend, and then added a smack of Bettye LaVette and topped it all off with a dollop of Keb Mo. He’s got all sorts of soul, which is strange because he’s gotta be about my age, and lord knows I ain’t got soul. And it’s that authentic soul, you know? The kind with no pop-y undertones. The kind you can’t fake. The kind that isn’t over-produced. With lyrics that are like, deep or whatever. Dru tells me it’s on account of him coming from a hip-hop background. So there’s that, too.

My faves from the album include the smooth Green Lights, the porn-esque Hey Brother, and mellow If I. And obviously I Need a Dollar, but I thought it’d be too obvious if I led with that. What’s more is that Femme Fatale—ma, can you earmuff it for me?—will totally get you some. (I’m saying this for you, M.B.)

Stream the album on NPR until it hits stores September 28.

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