Kings County General Store: Keeping It Local, Son

So I’m out of town this very as-we-speak-end, but if I wasn’t, I know where I’d be on Sunday: The Kings County General Store.

Well, actually, I’d probably be at our next door neighbor’s, Cadaques for brunch—have you TASTED their bloody marys?!—but then I’d head over to the Kings County General Store at Southpaw (125 Fifth Ave. in Park Slope).

The KCGS (I dunno if they actually call themselves that, but that’s what I’m calling them) is all about Brooklyn culture. For absolutely no admission fee, you can listen to live music and peruse local wares, including artisanal foods, bath products, stationery, homegoods, and clothes and accessories. Now, normally we wouldn’t send you anywhere but life:curated for the above products, but never let it be said that L:C doesn’t support local entrepreneurs. Cuz we do. And obviously, you’ll swing by life:curated after you’re sauced from Cadques’ bloody marys and before you head over to KCGS, right? I know you will.

Also, say whassup to our buddy Marcel, who’ll be repping Working Class Magazine, which you already know we love.

That’s it for now. Seacrest out.

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