Meet the Staff: Madeleine’s Married, So Back Off

L:C and Madeleine go way back. Or rather, Sarah and Ryan and Madeleine go way back. Maddy and Sarah have been pretty much BFFs since our college days in Savannah (and if they were less fashionable they might even have the necklaces to prove it), and I first met Maddy the summer before our senior year of high school. Somehow we all ended up in Brooklyn, and Meyer and I are very thankful we did because Madeleine has been absolutely essential to the success of life:curated. Seriously, from modeling to running errands to merchandising to talking us off the ledge, we are totes grateful to our Maddy for all she’s done. Plus, Madeleine has a superior sense of style. For realsies, if I had lots of money and could pay people to do my bidding, homegirl would absolutely be my personal shopper.

Wow, that was super gay. I think I need to get on with the interview before I grow lady bits and join Oprah’s book club. Onward.

We’ve established that you’re life:curated’s go-to gal, but what other work keeps you busy? I design shoes on a freelance basis for a few different companies and read way too many blogs.
What’s your favorite line at L:C?
This is hard. Clothing? Timo Weiland’s menswear and Creep, which is also menswear. (I’m a tom boy.) They are both clean and simple, but in my opinion, pretty witty. For jewelry it’s Triskaidekaphobia and Beetle and Flor. I prefer when designers are more concerned with creating something interesting than creating something “pretty.”
What’s your favorite thing to do on the weekends?
Listening to NPR weekend programming, bloody marys with friends, going to the greenmarket, pretending to help my husband cook.
Favorite neighborhood hangout?
The Commodore, but the honest answer is my backyard.
What fall activity are you looking forward to?
Layering, knitting, cooking without feeling like I’m going to melt in my own apartment, and riding my bike without feeling like I am going to die of heat stroke. I love the fall, and I am looking forward to all fall things.
What’s your ideal vacation?
My husband is from Sweden, and we have made a habit of always going to another place when we visit his home. Last Christmas it was Paris, and this summer it was Italy. My ideal vacation would be if we could just keep going wherever we felt like, without coming home.
What’s the last book you read?
The latest Love & Rockets. I like comic books.

So that’s Madeleine. Come in and ask her whassup. Except don’t say that because she’ll definitely look at you funny if you do.

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