The Opening Party Was the Greatest Thing to Happen to Brooklyn…Ever

life curated, launch party brooklyn, life curated brooklyn, life curated launch party, fashion williamsburg, fashion brooklyn, retail williamsburg, retail brooklyn, party williamsburg, culture williamsburg, culture brooklyn, life curated,The L:C opening party was last Thursday, and man oh man was it funsies. I’m going to try to teach myself how to make a gallery in the next two minutes, so you may even get to see pictures from the super rad photobooth…that was plainly obvious, Lydia and Nathalie; you had your chance at photos, so quit hatin’! Heh, kidding.

Anyway, we were thrilled to celebrate the opening of the store with friends, family and colleagues. (…Colleagues…that sounds overly official; what’s a less douchey way of saying that?) There was a pretty great turnout and we’re supes grates to everyone that pitched in—Mikal and Becca, Chris, Casey, Other Chris, Jake, the staff, Trish and Mo, our families, Lizzy for the 5am quittin’ time which wasn’t easy, and on and on and on. It was pretty awesome.

How’m I doing on that gallery? Hold please…

Meh, I’ll just post a bunch of pics. I can maybe handle that.

Fat Kirstie Alley, I’ve done it!!! Alright, I think my work is done here. I’m calling it a night. interior store pics TK at a later date.

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3 Responses to The Opening Party Was the Greatest Thing to Happen to Brooklyn…Ever

  1. Lydia says:

    It was a fun party! The pics don’t do it justice – because there are none of me or Nathalie!!! Luv you all the same 😉

  2. salsik says:

    went to the store yesterday and loved everything about it—amazing selection! CONGRATS!!! got the Jamison silk cargo shirt, wearing it now 🙂 all the best xx

  3. Ryan says:

    Thanks Ana!! So glad you love it!

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