Hungry Eyes, a Sneaksies

On Lindsay: Isaora alpaca and leather jacket and Lna two-faced dress. On Ben: St. Augustine Academy leather bomber, LnA striped tess, Buckler boiled wool pant. Photo © 2010 by Jacob Pritchard.

Wait, what’s that, Lindsay? Come again? You think this jacket’s dope? Yeah, pretty much.

Probably not what Lindsay’s saying.

Ben’s wearing St. Augustine Academy’s ridiculously awesome bomber jacket. Also a great striped tee by LnA. Also Buckler’s Droopy Drawers boiled wool pant, which is one of our favesies. Like, for reals, though. Both Sarah and I got ourselves pairs.

Oh, and Lindsay’s talking shit in Isaora’s alpaca and leather jacket (so stupid awesome) and LnA’s two-faced dress. Count them—one, two faces. Two. Faces . . . Two.

An aside: I’m eating a root beer float.

Okay, cool. Lates.

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2 Responses to Hungry Eyes, a Sneaksies

  1. rebaroque says:

    I want that bomber jacket.

  2. kurt says:

    i want lindsay to dress like that all the time.

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