Panties! Glorious Panties! (The Third Sneak Peek in a Row)

VPL undi. Photo © 2010 by Jacob Pritchard.

Awwwwww yeah. I told you: UNDIES. (I dunno why I used the word “panties” in the title. I hate that word. Other words I hate include slacks, snacks, ointment and pamphlet…Oh, also salve.) We carry only one line of bloomesie—that’s what my friend Sti’s blind nana calls undergarments: bloomesie. And that line, ladies, is VPL. And what does VPL stand for? Well, that would be “Visible Panty Lines.” Again, I’m gonna throw out an awwwww yeah.

VPL is a really sexy line of bras and drawers. Not slutty. Sexy. Not lacy or narsty. Color-blocked and properly fitting. The devil is in the details, y’all, and the details include thick grosgrain straps, silk elastic bands and sexy silk mesh trims.

How much do we dig this photo, too? It kinda feels like a chastity belt, doesn’t it? HOT. Did you notice the lock says “The Fox Police Lock Co?” Oh, that’d be because we snuck into an old police station for the still life shoot. Pretty randy, eh? Those Frederick’s of Hollywood skanks ain’t got nothing on a modern VPL hottie.

Balls. No link again. Ummmm…I promise to link to something tomorrow? See, that’s how I’m going to keep you coming back. I mean, we went from sexy back zips (link!) to undies to…well, nekkid would be pointless cuz we peddle clothes. Oh!!! We also sell homegoods. How would you feel about a nude model on a hot tribal rug? Check back in tomorrow.

Dammit. I can’t lie. There are no photos of anyone lying naked on any rugs. But we do sell rugs. Just not naked women. There’s always Fall ’11, right? Room to grow.

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One Response to Panties! Glorious Panties! (The Third Sneak Peek in a Row)

  1. jake says:

    Yeah I’m feeling a nude model on a tribal rug for 2011 too.

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