Leisure Suite: Yet Another Sneek Peak

Veda's leather and ponte dress. Photo © 2010 by Jacob Pritchard.

Did you get that just now? “Leisure Suite?” Eh? Eh? It’s a reference to a Feist song, whose lyrics go “…hang up your jacket, undo my back zip…” Cuz a back zip is sexy, and everyone knows it.

This is our friend and rad ceramicist, Cecilia in Veda’s leather and ponte dress. The ultimate little black dress, nay—lil black dress. Backless AND a zipper? Award yourself a schwing! and ten points, Cecilia. Well-played. Well-played, indeed.

Meanwhile, I know it was only yesterday that we last snuck pucked (sneaked peaked? yeah, probs) but it’s crunch time, fellas. The store opens in less than two weeks, so we’re pulling out the big guns. Today that meant a hot back. Tomorrow? Undies! Hold your breath, okay?

Ugh, this post has no link. Whatever. I wrote this at 1:28am. If I get no sleep, you get no link. Life’s a bitch. Life:Curated’s a SEXY bitch. Oh hell, I’m going to bed.

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