The Money Shot…er, Shirt; a Sneek Peak

On Jonny: LnA v-neck tee, Converse by John Varvatos jean. On Jenn: Laugh Cry Repeat heart appliqué tee, Something Else slouch pleated pant. Photo © 2010 by Jacob Pritchard.

Lookit these two lovebirds. You may recognize Jonny and Jenn—not “Jenny;” I took that nickname for a test drive this weekend, and it did not work out—from our window vinyls. They’re our good friends, l:c models and Jonny’s crucial to our construction crew. This photo, however, was taken on the most dreaded of days on a New Yorker’s calendar…laundry day. Well, technically it was taken on the day we did our second photoshoot, but that’s not the point. The point is that laundry day is not excuse for a bad outfit. Granny panties, yes. Bad outfit, no. Jonny’s keeping it casual in a LnA v-neck tee (suuuuper comfortable) and Converse by John Varvatos Chuckin Slim jean, which happens to be my all-time fave jean. Jenn’s rocking Laugh Cry Repeat’s signature heart appliqué tee with a slouchy pleated pant by Something Else.

Guys, we’re totally smitten with this tee. We should’ve bought in bigger to this bad boy, so you’ll have to get them while we’ve got them. Labor Day. Get excited.

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