I Didn’t Kill Anyone at the NY Gift Fair, Part I

Saturday was the first of two days we spent at the NY Gift Fair. And guess what, monkeys? I didn’t even have to take a Xanax! See, normally I get super overwhelmed by rows and rows of feral vendors mercilessly pushing their merch. Oh my gosh, the worst is when they stand outside their booths. Ugh, with the premature eye contact. It’s like, “No, I don’t want to hear about your line because I haven’t even gotten to see it yet. You just literally grabbed me by my arm, roofied me and dragged me caveman style into your booth. We’re not cool; please unhand me.” But this time I didn’t even freak out on the slow walkers (read: midwesterners in town for the show, god love them).

I will say, though, that we went to the Javits first, which was a mistake because evidently the main floor doesn’t open until Sunday, which is ass. The Handmade section was open, though, so we hit that and then shuttled on over to Piers 92 and 94, where we found TONS of new vendors. I’m embarrassed to admit that we totes missed the Piers the last time around, but at least we did right by them this time.

Among the highlights from day 1: recycled canvas pillows and cushions (below), rad endtables on casters (Sarah makes fun of me because even though I know it’s casters I always say caseters), a gun-shaped lamp (love, below) and Lox+Savvy, a really awesome paper goods line out of Australia (also below).

Oh, which reminds me: When did Australia become so badass? Seriously, a large percentage of everything we’ve been loving these days is Australian—St. Augustine Academy, a new surf line for us fellas that we just picked up called Vanguard, and now this awesome line of stationery. Oh, and our friend Natalia is from Australia, too. She’s majorly cool, and we’ll also be carrying selections from her line of jewelry, byNatalia, in the store.

Whoa, if I love Australia so much why don’t I marry it. Focus.

Anyway, day 1 was a big success. Checked out some old faves, met some new people and didn’t have a panic attack. Which is actually the recipe for a perfect trade show experience, I do believe.

We headed back to the Javits…hey, wait. Did anyone else notice the banner between the Piers that said “Jarvits?” Made us giggle like Japanese schoolgirls. No, Jarpanese schoolgirls, tee hee. Anyway, we headed back to the Ja(r)vits on Sunday to hit up the main floor. Read about our second day of fun and frolic on the Westside Highway tomorrow. Peath out.

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