What I’m Listening to Today

(Or maybe technically “To What I’m Listening Today.” Is that more righter?)

One day I will learn how to blog properly and like, code and shit. And on that day I will turn the below list into sound clips. And then this blog will effing OWN. We’ll get millions and millions of hits a day, and more people will read about our store than just my mom and a couple of people that linked from Meagan’s and Lindsy’s blogs. And we’ll crash our server…our state…the whole interwebs! (Does it work that way? Probably no.) It’ll be totally boss, and the 25 or so people that read this shit now will be all, “Aw, man, I used to read them back in the day. Punk sellouts.” And it’ll be true because we’ll have totally sold out and we’ll have 29 stores across the country and one in Abu Dhabi cuz Abu Dhabi looks pimp. On that day, revisit this post and you’ll be able to stream the songs, or whatever the nerd term for that is.

Wow. Random. Anyway, this is what I’m listening to today:

  • Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros – “Home” …Sarah won’t stop playing this, and the music video is adorable.
  • Mazzy Star – “Flowers in December” …because I’m obsessed and no matter what I do I’ll never rid myself of la Sandoval.
  • Land of Talk – “Some Are Lakes” …because it shuffled onto my iPod this morning, and I forgot how much I liked it.
  • Cher – “If I Could Turn Back Time” …because yesterday’s post backfired, and now it’s in my head on a repeater.
  • Loretta Lynn – “Portland, Oregon” …because she’s Loretta Lynn, for god’s sake.
  • John Prine & Bonnie Raitt – “Angel from Montgomery” …cuz sometimes you want to be a little sad.
  • Lucinda Williams – “Drunken Angel” …because I got on a country kick, evidently.
  • Ra Ra Riot – “Too Dramatic” …cuz it’s been a rough week, y’all, and because I was feeling really sorry for myself after listening to Hope and that country music.
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