A Sneak Peek for the Ladies—File Under “Really Awesome; the Hotness; Stellar Lighting; Sexy as Hell; Need It, Want It, Hafta, Hafta Have It”

Ivory Jamison top, available at life:curated. Photo © 2010 by Jacob Pritchard.

Check it: A loverly blouse (Ugh, I hate that word, blouse. Rewind.) …loverly top by Jamison. This, ladies, is a seeexxxy top. I promise that if you buy this bl… top from us, you will NOT end up on The Man Repeller, and I’ll tell you why: Dudes like it when chicks wear clothes that have a smack of masculinity to them. Not too much; you are not Diane Keaton, please do not wear ties. But just enough that it looks like you maybe slipped on my jeans or button-down to go grab us coffee. And this shirt is exactly that but in a girlie fabrication. It’s part military, part safari, and all sexy. AND it’s got all sorts of sweet detailing. I’m talking zippers, button tabs, pleated pockets…the works. Wear it and you’ll totes score that hypothetical boyfriend you’re always going on about.

Semi-unrelated love, to be directed at JP: I’m obsessed with the contrast of the dirty warehouse and the cleanliness of the bl top.

(Ladies, as long as I’m dishing out advice, dudes also like it when you wear your long hair half up. Try it.)

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