“Left as Rain” Is Like Elizabeth Banks for Your Ears

I don’t know what that means, but I like Elizabeth Banks and I like Left as Rain, and that title is seriously googleable.

Chris and Alex of Left As Rain

Do you know Left As Rain? If…
|— —> Yes, then navigate here now.
|— —> No, then read on, okay?
|— —> Okay, Left As Rain is a new music blog for awesome people. “New music…blog.” Not “new…music blog.” We’re good? I can continue? Good. It’s curated by our old school chums, Alex Mejias and Chris Thomas. Chris and Alex are also in the neighb now, and have superior taste in music. They’re also as witty as…aw hell, I don’t know; I’ll tell you what, though, they’d have a biting analogy ready. Stream it while you’re at work. Your music library is played out, and you know it. Oh, and I dig the new format, fellas.

**I think “nabe” is the technically preferred abbrev, yes? I don’t think that makes sense. Neighb. Get on board.

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