All Boxed Up

Sarah's foyer, July 26, 2010.

Remember when you were a kid and you loved playing in boxes? Like building forts or whatever? Yeah, it is not as fun as an adult. For reals, check out the attached picture. Now, New York apartments are small enough as is, but try to maneuver around this mess every time you gotta take a leak. It’s like the Double Dare obstacle course except not nearly as fun, and there’s no sweet new Jansport or those kicks that light up when you walk waiting for you at the finish line. It’s just a big ol’ mess, is what this is. We straight up got slimed Mark Summers-style, only it was with cardboard instead of gak. Imagine the papercuts, kid! And this is only the half of it. There are 18 more mac-daddy boxes of homegoods, plus everything that’s in the storage unit. If Sarah’s cat Charlie or my dog Boo Radley go missing I know where I’m going looking.

I just panicked a little. That last bit about missing pets wasn’t funny.

The good news is that the store’s window vinyls are going up on Friday, which is dope! Cruise by Grand Street this weekend for a sneak peek of what’s to come…Well, you won’t be able to see inside, that’s the point of the vinyls—to keep your eyes off our construction zone. But you can see some pics from our photoshoot with the fantastic Jacob Pritchard ( and get a feel for our lifestyle…no, wait! Your lifestyle. Curated. Bam.

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